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"Nefeli" stormfront innundates Greece, floods Mandra

In many places in Greece, roads and houses have been flooded by heavy rainfall due to stormfront "Nefeli", and citizens are in despair.

Yesterday, starting in the early morning hours, torrential rains and storms swept from Halkidiki to Larissa and Magnesia and from the Attica basin to Argolis.

In Attica heavy rains continued until late at night.

The inhabitants of Mandra Aagain spent a new nightmarish night, after the deadly floods in November.

The streets were filled with water, which reached to a height of 2 meters, after the heavy rainfall, with the inhabitants struggling, as the water swept back into houses, destroying everything in its wake.

The mayor of Mandra, Ioanna Krieukouki, told SKAI tv that the works that should have been done after November to prevent such situations from happening in the future have not yet materialized since they have "been stuck due to bureaucracy."