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Anthony Scaramucci: No future for Greece if mentality remains the same

Representatives of international media in New York had the opportunity to get in touch with former White House Director of Communication, Anthony Scaramucci.

Although Skaramucci's term in the White House lasted just 11 days, it was definitely controversial, as he was at the focus of tensions and conflicts, while his removal was rather a surprise for him. However, he made it clear from the very beginning that his relations with the Trump family and the President of the United States himself are still good.

Anthony Skaramucci received questions from media representatives from all over the world. New Greek TV, asked him about the Greek economy and the austerity measures that have been implemented over the last eight years. Initially, he did not fail to make let loose acerbic comments concerning the former Greek-American White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, with whom he did not have the best relationship.

He then commented unfavorably on Greek labor law and the general culture of the southern European countries - although of Italian origin- warning that if Greece does not change mentality in the labor market, it will remain in the euro, at least without financial aid.

In parallel, he appeared to advocate the "German model", comparing the laws of France with that of Germany, saying "any country can fire people, recruit people", saying sarcastically that "the largest city in France is now ... London ".