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Athens expels Russian diplomats

Athens has decided on the deportation of two Russian diplomats and a ban on entering Greece for two others for illegal actions against national security.

According to information from high-ranking diplomatic sources, as reported by Kathimerini newspaper, the measures taken are a response to unlawful acts within Greek territory, which constitute an interference with Greece's internal affairs.

According to the publication, these individuals, through the provision of material and financial incentives, attempted to influence municipalities and metropolitan bishops, but also to gain influence on Mount Athos, with all that this implies for the unimpeded exercise of sovereignty over Greek territory by the Greek state. An attempt was made to buy off state officials, which, according to the same information, failed.

They are also accused of informational activities (a diplomatic term for collecting and distributing information) against Greece.

According to high ranking diplomatic sources, these actions undermine the friendship of the two peoples and the image of Russia in Greece, as they are part of a systematic effort to violate the sovereignty of the country and international law. An example of this is the attempt to intervene in particularly sensitive national issues and interests of Greece in the Balkans, in particular on the issue of the nomenclature with FYROM.

Athens's deportation initiative, Kathimerini notes, is not a "flash in the pan", but comes in response to a series of concerted moves to try to expand Russian influence in Greece. Diplomatic sources include the activities of various circles of Russian interests such as the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Union. The reaction of Athens is, among other things, a message to Moscow concerning such activities.