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Attica fires: Death toll at 77

Mati and Kokkino Limanaki present an image of total destruction. The areas were wiped from the map taking dozens of people with them.

The tragic death toll, officially stands at 76, and there are reports that the number of those killed has already reached 77. However, there are estimates that the number will rise. The Mayor of Rafina-Pikermi Evangelos Bournos yesterday estimated that the number of deaths will be in the three digits, meaning more than 100. This is because no checks have been completed in the thousands of burned houses in the area where people are likely to have been trapped,

there are still dozens of missing persons and there are fears about the lives of many injured.

More than 2,500 homes have been destroyed in Mati and Rafina and 4,000 homes have been damaged. The number is huge. Yesterday the head of the Red Cross noted that door to door checks have not begun to find any missing persons, however, the process will take time. Several elderly people were left in the area, some of whom had their grandchildren with them and fear that they might have been trapped in their homes.

Meanwhile the number of missing persons is becoming a veritable thriller. No one knows their exact number, others speak of 100, others of 70, others still speak of far fewer, around 26.The lack of organization is shown by the fact that there was no unified single record from the beginning and there was no coordination until the fire department came out and declared explicitly that the missing persons are declared only on the number 199. Until that time, relatives and friends who searched for their people telephoned every authority, resulting in utter confusion. There is also a private initiative with a platform where one can post a photo of their missing persons. At the same time, social media has been filled with desperate messages concerning missing people, accompanied by their photos and dramatic appeals.