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Attica fires: Thriller with twins appearing on rescue video and then going missing

The search for two missing twin nine-year old girls, Sofia and Vasilika Filippovoulou has become a thriller when the father, who lost his parents to the destructive fire, said that he saw them on TV but now he can not find them!

In particular, he says his children were shown on a video after their rescue by a fishing boat, along with others, wrapped in blankets. However, no matter how he searched them, he has not found them, yet.

The father of the two 9-year-old girls, I. Philipopoulos, and their mother assure that they were their daughters and that they were wearing the clothes they wore when they last saw them!

The father with the police went to the TV station that showed the video, took a copy of the video, and took pictures of the video in which the two little girls appear distinctly among the men of the Coast Guard, but their presence at this time has not been ascertained.

The owner of the boat said he rescued a total of four girls, but they do not look like the photos that the father made public.

However, two girls are clearly pictured in the video.

The fact that the first boats were not even recorded by the Coast Guard, confuses the situation. Their names, however, are not on Coast Guard lists.

In any case, the Coast Guard should should comment on what children are portrayed in the video. This may clarify if they are the twins or if they are other children.

The tragedy clearly demonstrated the disintegration of the state machinary. But all things have a limit ...