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Ambrosios pins fires on Divine Wrath, priest tells him to shut up

While Greece mourns at least 74 dead - among them many children - from the lethal fire in eastern Attica, Metropolitan of Kalavrita Ambrosios attributed the tragedy to "divine wrath" because of the "atheist prime minister".

The ... man of God, hierarch Ambrosios, with his new post on his personal blog, among other things, speaks of the "atheist prime ministers and his staff who by their atheism invoke the wrath of God!"

Distances of Ieronymos: "It expresses personal views"

The Archbishopric of Athens kept distant from the provocative statements of Metropolitan Kalavrita Amvrosiou.

"The Honorable Metropolitan of Kalavrita and Aegialia Ambrosios expressed his personal views only," commented today the director of the Press, Information and Communication Office of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, Haris Konidaris.

Father Neophytos: "Shut up, finally!"

At the same time, a young priest from Kalamata, Father Neophytos, with his post on Facebook, responds in the most depravatory way to the rants of the Metropolitan of Kalavrita:

"Everyone is respected, especially the elderly, but for a particular elderly person one has to tell him ..." SHUT UP FINALLY" stop hurting and scandalizing the Orthodox and non-Orthodox people. Christ and the Church are not to blame. Stop placing them in front an spilling your badness. We are priests and our words must be AMBROSIA and NEKTAR for the souls of the people, not GALL and VINEGAR."