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Authorities start accepting applications for disaster relief aid from wildfire victims

Authorities in Greece on Tuesday began accepting applications for an emergency relief benefit from Attica fire victims, with the process reported to be going smoothly thus far.

The one-off benefit is available to people and businesses that sustained damage in the destructive fires in Rafina, Marathon and Kineta on July 23-24.
Applications will be accepted from 8:00-20:00 in the Rafina cultural centre, the indoor gym in Marathon, the Kineta seniors centre (KAPI) and at the infrastructure and transport ministry (Anastaseos 2 and Tsigante, Papagou).
The one-off benefit amounts to 5,000 euros for residences, 6,000 euros for families with three or more children and 8.000 euros for businesses.
In addition, applications for a benefit for 586 euros to replace lost household effects given by the Rafina-Pikermi municipality will now also be submitted at the Rafina cultural centre instead of the town hall, to avoid inconveniencing applicants.
The number of applicants on the first day of accepting applications was relatively small, so that people were served quickly and without delays. The ministry has recommended (though this is not obligatory) that people with surnames starting from A to I submit their applications on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Thursday and Friday reserved for those with surnames from K to M, Saturday and Sunday for names starting with N and P and Monday and Tuesday for the remainder.
For those unable to apply on the above dates, applications will continue to be accepted until October 30.
Applicants must fill in a form with their details and also bring a photocopy of their police ID card or passport, a certificate of their family status for those applying for the 6,000-euro benefit for large families and a copy of the lease or owner's E2 tax form in the case of those renting.
For businesses, in addition to a photocopy of ID documents, applicants must also submit documents indicating that they are legal representatives of the business, as well as any optional supporting documents.
The optional supporting documents include a photocopy of a bank account or a bank letter certifying the applicant's account details, photographs of the damaged property and a photocopy of the inspection docket.