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Citizens sue Greek authorities over fires for involuntary manslaughter

The relatives of two victims of the wildfires in Mati have filed a lawsuit against local and state authorities, as well as security forces for criminal negligence regarding the wildfire in eastern Attica.

More specifically, the lawsuit, filed by attorney Antonis Foussas, on behalf of three relatives of a 70-year-old man and a 73-year-old woman who perished in the fires, is directed against the General Secretary of Civil Protection, Giannis Kapakis, Attica Prefect Ria Dourou, Mayor of Marathon Elias Psinakis, Officers of Civil Protection Offices of Attica and Marathon Municipality, Officers of the Fire Brigade for the Eastern Region Attica, as well as police officers of the Hellenic Police Department in eastern Attica, and all responsible parties.

The relatives of the victims call for the prosecution of those responsible for the offenses of a serial felonious exposure, involuntary manslaughter, forest arson from negligence, bodily harm, and any such offenses that may arise from the investigation