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US to impose tariffs on pipes imported from Greece

The US Department of Commerce announced on Tuesday that it had come to a preliminary conclusion that welded large diameter pipes imported from Canada, China, Greece, India, South Korea and Turkey are offered at prices well below what is considered as fair with the aim of fraudulently taking a market share, through dumping.

It was clarified that it concluded that these pipes, which are commonly used for the construction of oil and gas pipelines, are sold at prices below those considered fair, from 3.45% to 132.63%.

In June, they had announced that it had come to the preliminary conclusion that the pipes imported from the four of the six countries – China, India, South Korea and Turkey – were subsidized unfairly and initially imposed duties which in the case of India even surpassed 500%.

In the announcement released on Tuesday, it stated that the dumping of imported tubes from Canada is 24.38%; from China to 132.63%; from Greece to 22.51%; from India to 50.55%; from South Korea between 14.97% and 22.21%; and from Turkey between 3.45% and 5.29%.

Imports of pipes from the six countries had a value in excess of $ 720 million in 2017, the US Department of Commerce said.

The investigation into these imports began in March at the request of a group of American private companies producing such tubes. It concerns pipes with a diameter of more than 406.4 mm.

The survey is one of more than 100 that has been opened since the Donald Trump took office, which, in the framework of his “America First” doctrine, is taking measures to protect the US industries on the domestic and world markets.

The final conclusion on whether such subsidies affect the US industry, will be decided on 20 December and then the Department of Commerce may impose anti-dumping duties of up to five years.