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Ferry evacuated after fire

All 875 passengers on a Greek ferryboat were safely evacuated at the port of Piraeus Wednesday morning after a fire broke out in the car deck of the vessel.

The Eleftherios Venizelos, originally bound for Hania, Crete, returned to the port of Piraeus shortly after 0100 GMT, the Greek coastguard said.
The passengers spent the night on deck, and left the boat using a fire brigade ladder, the coastguard said.
No injuries were immediately reported among the passengers or the 141-member crew.
The ship returned to the port of Piraeus at slow speed, escorted by the coastguard, tugboats and two other vessels.

The fire broke out on a truck at around 11.30pm local time, however, It was then deemed that an evacuation at sea was not necessary as the fire had largely been contained by the ship’s sprinklers.