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Sailors' strike docks Greek ferries

Ferry boats are now docked in ports all over the country due to the Pan-Hellenic Naval Federation's 24-hour country-wide strike on the subject of signing collective agreements between companies and crews.

Last Friday, representatives of the sailors unions met with executives of the Ferry Shipping Association on the subject of collective labor agreements but no solution was found.

Specifically, the shipowners proposed an increase of 1% from the beginning of September and another 1% as of 01/06/2019, but this was not accepted by the PNO administration, which demanded a 5% increase.

"The decision to hold the strike will create problems for the traveling public," SEEN (Ferry Shipping Association) said in a statement.

"Society is well aware that employers themselves are solely responsible for these situations, which, with their obsolete tactical obstruction that it has followed and is continuin, and persisting in its bargaining negotiating positions, refusing to grant a substantial increase in the salaries of sailors for eight consecutive years, without underestimating the importance of the other outstanding demands of our sector, literally pushed the decision to declare and carry out the strike action with a prospect of escalation, "the PNO said in a statement.