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Sailors reject employer offer; New 24-hour strike on Tuesday

The Panhellenic Seamen's Federation (PNO) has called a new 24-hour strike affecting all categories of ships on Tuesday, after rejecting the ferry ship owners' proposal for 2 pct wage increase for seamen for two years.

Ships of all types will remain docked on Tuesday due to strike action by their crews, while ferries will be docked for the second consecutive day.
The union federation continues to demand a 5 pct wage increase under new collective agreements that are due to be signed, noting that seamen's wages have stayed level for the last eight years.
The ferry ship owners association SEEN on Monday presented a new proposal for a 2 pct pay rise from September 1, lasting for two years, instead of a 1 pct pay rise on September 1 and a 1 pct pay rise on June 1, 2019. The association noted that the strike has already created problems in the supply of islands and the movement of passengers, with some 180,000 people using ferries to travel to and from Aegean islands per day.
PNO blamed the breakdown in talks on the employers and noted that seamen appeared determined to fight and escalate strike action to demand decent wage increases, to offset the loss of income due to cutbacks and higher taxes in the crisis years.

More than 280 islands have been left without ship service because of the strike.