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August was record passenger month for Athens Intl Airport

A spectacular increase of 13.3%, the second largest this year, was recorded in August in terms of passenger traffic at Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos”.

According to the figures published by the company, 2,886,740 passengers passed from the airport breaking a new, historic monthly traffic record. The previous best performance was recorded in July 2017 with 2.56mln passengers.

Statistics are really impressive and the increase so far for 2018 is 11.5%. Overall, between January and August 2018, the airport’s traffic reached 16.2mln passengers, marking a double-digit increase (+11.5%), with both domestic and foreign traffic increasing by 5.2% and 14.8%, respectively.

Based on the above, and if the current momentum is maintained, the traffic at the Airport in the next 4 months can bring a new, overwhelming annual record, breaking the barrier of 24mln passengers, which will be followed by the announcement of the large-scale expansion of the existing Terminal and the launching of one of the largest investments in the country for the next 5 years, estimated between 200 and 400mln euros.

It is noted that an airport’s expansion is a typical procedure when 90% of its original capacity has been exceeded. This means that Athens International Airport must reach the “magic” number of 23.4mln passengers, most likely sometime in December 2018.