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Attica Region launches new, improved website for Athens visitors

The new, improved Attica Region tourist website, www.athensattica.com, aims to become the go-to site for useful info and tips for visitors to Athens and Attica, presented in an attractive, modern and user-friendly format that is also accessible to the sight-impaired.

The recently updated and redesigned website offers ideas, suggestions for things to do in Athens - including tips for families - as well as a large number of active links that are in line with the Attica Region's Strategic Tourist Promotion Plan 2016-2020.
The content was the result of cooperation with the region's municipalities, local tourism commissions and other tourism-, culture- and sports-related associations in Attica. It includes original articles, audiovisual material and information on tourist products, services and destinations that will be constantly enriched and updated.
Currently available in Greek and English, there are plans to also provide the website's contents in at least another four languages in the future, while users can also follow the site via the main social media platforms (Facebook, instagram, pinterest, youtube).