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Athens University Medical School among top 150 in NTU worldwide university rankings

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has been given an overall ranking of 228 in the National Taiwan University Rankings of world universities for 2018, based on the performance ranking of the scientific papers they produced. It has also achieved a rank of 140 in the field of Clinical Medicine and 94 in the subject of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

"This has once again confirmed the high academic level and research contribution of the Athens University School of Medicine," a University of Athens announcement said on Wednesday.
The university highlighted the significance of the ranking, which is not based on the amount of funding or education infrastructure, or even the individual achievement of faculty, but on the production of high-quality research papers with a high impact.
Apart from departmental achievements, individual members of the faculty and researchers also have their own successes, with five of its researchers and professors cited in the Webometrics Highly Cited Researchers (h>100) list of 2018 - measuring those that have authored at least 100 papers that have been cited by at least another 100 researchers in their work.
They include Prof. Georgios Chrousos (h-index 179 and 132,181 citations), Prof. Meletios Athanasios Dimopoulos (h-index 118, 60,208 citations), Prof. Marinos Dalakas (h-index 105, 40,203 citations), Prof. Haralambos Moutsopoulos (h-index 104, 44,661 citations) and Prof. Christodoulos Stefanadis (h-index 103, 57,879 citations).