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Wildfires in Marathon, Achaia, Arcadia and Kefalonia

Firefighters fought blazes along at least four fiery fronts during the night night. Fires broke out at Marathon, Arkadia, Achaia and Kefalonia.

In Marathon, although the front in the Dikastika area has not yet been fully placed under control, the image according to the Fire Department is better despite the strong winds. From the fire that broke out at midnight no damage has yet been reported in homes. 40 firefighters with 20 vehicles and 16 on foot along with volunteers are involved in the firefighting operation.

Regional Director of Attica Reina Dourou visited the fire at Marathon, in contrast to the deadly fire in Mati, and she made it known by her posting on Facebook.

The fire at Loutra Arkadia

In Arkadia, a fire broke out shortly before dawn in a forest area in the area of ​​Loutra. According to the Fire Brigade, the fire is burning bushes. There are  30 firefighters with 12 vehicles and 12 on foot in the area.

Fire in the area of ​​Lake Prokopiou

In Achaia shortly after 5:30 the Fire Brigade announced that the fire in the area of ​​Lake Prokopiou, which took place on Wednesday night, was under partial control.
Shortly before 10 pm the police had ordered vehicle to be stopped on the Metochi-Kalogria road in order to protect the residents and allow Fire Brigade vehicles move more freely.
Eventually at 5:37 the fire was placed under partial control.

Kefalonia: The flames arrived in the courtyards of Zola

A fire broke out in Kefalonia yesterday. The strong northeastern winds in the area reached 9 beaufort, quickly moving the fire to the settlement. According to inkefalonia.gr the fire at 22:30 arrived in the courtyards of the settlement's houses, but there it was contained. However, the very strong winds caused constant reignitions.

All Kefalonia firefighters were in the village of Zola and according to Kefalonia's deputy district director Panagis Drakoulongas, "the regional unity of Kefalonia, it was ready for evacuations as the winds are very strong and they carry the fire to the village. Eventually at 5:51 the fire was under control.

High risk of fires - What the map shows

According to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, there is now a very high fire risk in several areas of the country due to the strong winds. Almost all of western Greece, the Cyclades, the islands of the northeastern Aegean, Attica, Viotia, Euboea, Halkidiki, Corinthia are "yellow" on the map issued by the Secretariat