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Abducted businessman escorts his kidnapper to police

Abducted Greek businessman Manolis Karamolegos managed to escape, after persuading one his kidnappers to let him go and surrender to the police. Karamolegos, who was abducted late on Tuesday, turned up at a police station on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by one of his abductors.

According to the information available so far, the prominent baked goods producer managed to persuade one of the men guarding him that police had traced their whereabouts through their mobile phones and that his best course of action would be to give himself up. The perpetrator eventually agreed to follow Karamolegos to the Keratea police station, in eastern Attica, where they were both being questioned.

According to police sources, Karamolegos was kidnapped at 11.00 on Tuesday evening, while he was returning home, in the northern Athens suburb of Penteli.

The kidnappers blocked his car and, threatening him at gunpoint, made him board one of their vehicles. They then took him to Mesogia, in eastern Attica, where he was held until his release.

Police are now searching for the rest of the kidnappers. The evidence indicates that five people were probably involved but did not all play an active role in the abduction.