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"We will burn you cop" - Patras police station attacked with fire bombs

At 2:30, Saturday morning a group of 12 hooded persons attacked the police station at the Ermou Street in Patras, with Molotov bombs.

The assailants, according to Tempo24.news, tried to surprise the guard as they approached the police guard from the back, but he became aware of them and reacted immediately informing his colleagues to close the station  doors.

 "Shut the doors, they will burn us", he is said to have shouted.

The assailants threw Molotov cocktails and an incendiary mechanism made up of small gas cannisters, while some shouted "we will burn you cop".

The petrol bombs and the incendiary device caused damage to a service vehicle which was parked outside the station, fortunately no one was injured.

Immediately after the end of the rain of fire, the security officers and the guard came out with fire extinguishers and extinguished the fire that had broken out.

The fire brigade was also called up, but when they arrived, the fire had been put out.