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Berlin tries to end discussion on German reparations to Greece & Poland

Disappointment for Athens regarding the German reparations shortly before the arrival of the German president in Athens.

The German government spokesman Steffen Zimbert said that this issue is “legally and politically definitively settled” adding that Berlin’s position has not changed.

Responding to a Polish journalist’s question about the position of the German government in the light of new claims from the Greek side, Mr. Zeebert said: “We have discussed this issue really many times. Our position is that the issue of the German reparations has been legally and politically definitively settled. In this position, nothing has changed. Otherwise, there is no official move by the Greek government”.

When asked if there is a coordinated effort between Greece and Poland on the issue, Mr. Zimbert answered that he has no information like that whatsoever.

“Honestly, I have no information about this. It would also be surprising if I had information about possible consultations between Poland and Greece” the spokesman for Chancellor Merkel concluded.