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Ankara escalates tension with new provocative announcement

Ankara is escalating its row with the Greek foreign ministry over the EEZ the EEZ, and information in the press note that on Monday the Turkish research vessel "Fatih" will begin drilling.


In a statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry says Turkey will not accept recommendations from Athens.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry's announcement:

"As regards the delimitation of maritime jurisdiction, Turkey, as it stood before, will continue to act in accordance with fair principles and all relevant special circumstances.

In this spirit, there is no advice that we could accept from Greece on delimitation techniques under international law. "

Yesterday, responding to all of Turkey's objections, the Greek Foreign Ministry stressed that "the demarcation of the Greek EEZ as a whole will be determined on the basis of international law and certainly not by taking into account the non-existent and arbitrary theories adopted by the violator of international law Turkey."