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HAF: F-16 Upgrade moves forward, SOT upgraded to international training center

A briefing on the actions of the Hellenic Air Force concerning the implementation of  targets set for the further upgrading of the Armed Forces at the operational and educational level was given for the benefit of military editors on the occassion of the upcoming celebrations for the Air Force patron saint the Archangel Michael.

Among other things, as it became known:

- The first meeting to implement the F-16 upgrading program has already taken place with the participation of US Government, Ministry of Defense, and Lockheed Martin Aero. During the meeting the main points of the program were discussed and utual information and clarifications were provided in order to launch the necessary actions for its initiation.

Additionally, the main work schedules and important aspects of the process to be followed, concerning the issues of cooperation and stakeholder preparation, the interoperability of aircraft systems and the safety of areas and processes related to the upgrading of aircraft, were presented. It is hoped that the implementation of the program after the completion of the tests will start in less time than the set timetable.

-The procedures for upgrading the Air Warfare Tactics Center (KETAT) through the Tactics Weapon School (SOT) to an international training center are under way.

In this context, the SOT offers the Air to Air Warfare Training Course (A2WTC), through its military cooperation programs, to third countries. The course has a duration of 2 training weeks. At present, countries such as Romania, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have been interested in participating.

- The "Iniohos 2019" multinational air exercise will be held from 1 to 12 April 2019 at the Andravida Air Base.

- A number of HAF infrastructure projects have been completed or are in progress, including the repair of the Skyros jetty, the restoration of the berths of the airports of Araxos and Chrysoupolis, etc.