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Albanian authorities extort Katsifas family to release body

The repercussions of the killing of Kostantinos Katsifas on Greek-Albanian relations may prove to be greater than what was initially thought they will be.

The Albanian side not only excludes any co-operation in the investigation of the case but moves on to extreme provocative actions.

The family of Kostas Katsifas denounces the continues harassment by the police of Konstantinos, several days before the 28th October ceremony in Vouliarates.

His sister said he was under surveillance and in several occasions they threatened him directly and indirectly not to place flags in the village and brought him in many times for unofficial interrogations in the last few days before the incident.

She also repeated that the Albanian police special forces behaved really aggressively to his mother after the assassination.

On Wednesday, they even practically extorted Katsifas’ parents to sign a document that states they have no claim from the Albanian state in exchange for the return of the body for burial.

The Albanian authorities are afraid of what might happen in the funeral as a great crowd is expected to participate something that may turn into a protest of the Greek national minority both for the death of the Greek by the police and the rights of Greek minority, bringing to the surface accumulated tensions against the Albanian authorities.