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Vergina, White Tower, Knossos transferred to Hyperfund

Five municipalities and the Hellenic Archaeologists Association have appealed to the Council of State, calling for the abolition of the ministerial decisions, which they argue, "turn the green light" on to transfer archaeological sites and monuments of Hellenic cultural heritage to the governments agency, known as the "hyperfund: (ETAD) that manages Greek state assets for the benefit of lenders.

In particular, the municipalities of Alimos, Helleniκον-Argyroupolis, Keratsini-Drapetsona, Sparta and Patras and the Hellenic Archaeologists Association have appealed to the Supreme Court, claiming that the decisions of the Governmental Economic Policy Council and the Minister of Finance were annulled as unlawful and unconstitutional the monuments of our cultural heritage are transferred to the supermarket.

According to the applicants the transfer is hidden behind the ministerial decisions:

Τhe White Tower,
The archaeological site of Knossos,
The site of the tombs of Vergina,
Part of the archaeological site of the tombs of Philippi, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List,
The tomb of Leonidas in Laconia,
The Byzantine castle of Eptapyrgiou and other monuments.

In their appeal they claim that these transfers of ownership violate Article 24 of the Constitution - which requires the protection of our cultural heritage, but also the Granada Convention for the Protection of Europe's Architectural Heritage.