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The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates Archangels

The Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel are celebrated on November 8, 2018 by our Church.

The archangels are sent by God in visible form (the angels are invisible good spirits close to God) in great historic circumstances, which is to manifest or to perform some great divine will. The relationship, now that the angels have with God and the people, as well as their mission, is also seen in the Bible. And especially, in Psalm 33, verse. 8 and 90, op. 10-12, in the New Testament, Matthew. 10, as well as in Paul's letter to Hebrews, chapter a. 14, where the author exclaims: "Are not all angelic service spirits, who act not by their own initiative, but are sent by God to serve those who want to inherit eternal life?"

Head of the angelic powers is the archangels Michael and Gabriel. Michael meets the Old Testament. B.C. when Abraham is about to sacrifice Isaac, Jesus Christ, Elijah, Lot (to save him when God decides to destroy Gomorrah), Patriarch Jacob, Barlaam and others.

Michael was also the one who led the people of Israel to escape from Egypt.

We see Gabriel in the New Testament, as in the Annunciation of the Theotokos and others. In memory, therefore, of the missions and work done by the angels, the Church set us the celebration of 8 November.

Today, Thursday, November 8, we celebrate the names: Angelos, Aggelis, Aggelos, Aggeliki, Angela, Angela, Angela, Angela, Angela, Angelina, Aggelikoula, Koula, Gavriella, Gavrila, Gavrililitsa, Gavrilitsa, Arabella, Aravella, Gavril, Gavrilis, Matina , Metaxia, Metaxoula, Taxilas, Milahos, Michael, Michalakis, Michalos, Michelis, Michailos, Mihos, Michelis, Michael, Raphael, Raffaella, Raphael, Rafaela, Rafaella, Rafaella, Stamatis, Stamatis, Stamoulis, Stamelos, Stamelis, Stamelas , Taxiarchis, Michaela, Mihailla, Michailitsa, Mihalica, Michel , Michalakia, Stratigos, Stratigoula, Stratis (Mytilene), Stratos (Mytilene), Eustratia (Styliantia), Stamatia, Stamata, Stamatina, Mata, Matoula, Stamella, Stamoula, Matina, Stamati, Mato, Stamattella.

The protectors of Archangel Michael and Gabriel are also honored today by the Hellenic Air Force with a series of festive events that will last until Sunday 10th November.