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Albanian president derides Greeks and mocks Katsifas funeral

"Albania is not shamed by some uncouth people, living like hyenas and singing like crows," said the Albanian Prime Minister for the Northern Epirotes and the Greeks who yesterday were at Vouliarates for the burial of Konstantinos Katsifas,

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was belittling those who attended the the funeral of the 35-year-old Greek Cypriot Konstantinos Katsifas, who was executed by the special Albanian police forces, while celebrating the 28th of October Greek National jholiday.

Responding to a comment, by an Albanian that asked him to take a position on what had happened at Vouliarates - and "shame Albania as a state" as he claimed - Edi Rama appeared to be an attentive but used harsh language for those who attended the funeral.

"Our state does not fight either with coffins or with funeral provocations. Anyone who came to provoke, entered, shamed himself and his flag and left. Patriotism does not mean hating others and their language, but to love your country and your language," commented the Albanian prime minister, responding to the suggestions of his compatriot (Lucky Boy London profile) who asked him to intervene and "put Greeks in their place, showing them the value of the Albanian nation."

Just a few hours after Katsifas was interred, he described the deceased as  "extremist" and "crazy", he turned his barbs on those who attended the funeral of the murdered Greek, shouting slogans and singing songs in his memory, calling them "dirty creatures" trying at the same time to look reconcilatory building bridges of friendship.

"Albania is not" shamed "by some uncouth people, living like hyenas and singing like crows! They are dirty creatures that desecrate the dead who they supposedly honor and diminish the dignity of their nation's flag," he said provocatively to the Northern Epirus and the Greeks that were in Vouliarates, adding:" A nation (Hellenic) that gave a lot to mankind, a people who was not and can never be our enemy, a country where  Albanians found shelter, the same as the Greeks foundwith us. And like any other country, she has the misfortune of having her own pigs and her own donkeys. "