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Tensions caused by conference of pro-FYROM "Rainbow" party in Xino Nero

The organization of the 3rd conference of the "Rainbow" party (Vinozito) in the village of Xino Nero in Florina in western Macedonia, caused reactions and tensions. The party's conference was announced on its website on August 27, 2018 and was held on November 11, 2018 in the village of Xino Nero in Florina.

It is the party that promotes the existence of a Slavic "Macedonian" ethnic minority in northern Greece, in fact adopting the reformist, irresponsible policy of the former Prime Minister of FYROM Gruevski's nationalist government and a significant portion of the neighboring country's political world which supports Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

The approval of the Prespa Agreement has opened up the appetite of the few Slav-speakers living in western Greece and they are looking for the right opportunity to raise the issue of a national "Macedonian" minority.

The organization of the conference triggered the reaction of the Macedonian Struggle Committee of Thessaloniki, the Sacred Company, and Golden Dawn, as well as the former member of the Prefecture of Kozani and current chairman of the "Victory Front" Rachel Makris. Members of the two organizations and Golden Dawn moved to the area and attempted to approach the venue where the conference took place.

In order to prevent possible conflicts between members of the Rainbow Party and the protesters, the police cordoned off the provincial road linking Amynteo with Xino Nero and set up barriers at various points around the provincial roads that leads to Xino Nero. As protesters have reported, riot control forces were deployed on the Amynteo-Xino Nero provincial road, to hinder protesters.

For her part, the former MP of the Prefecture of Kozani and current chairman of the "Victory Front" Rachel Makris accused Mayor of Amyndeo, Konstantinos Theodoridis, of giving permission to post the bilingual banner notifying about the conference at Xino Nero.

The Mayor of Amyndeo replied to the accusations of Rachel Makris, by saying that "permission to post banners was not given. They did not file a request to the municipality and it is also a matter of the police now how to handle this issue. "