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Another ERT blunder: Battle of Marathon was between Athens and... Sparta

A presenter of public broacaster ERT has made yet another gaffe  during the 36th Authentic Athens Marathon.

Sportscaster Nikos Tsonis, at the time he was covering the "Marathon" live, wanted to indulge in a historical retrospective on the history of Marathon. He first said that the battle of Marathon was in 491 BC, but corrected it immediately. And then, he hastened to "inform" the public that in this historical battle the Athenians beat the Spartans, and not the Persians.

This mistake, as was natural, provoked the memory of users of social media. Many lambasted ERT for a series of mishaps, blunders, gaffes, and mistakes, beyond its adoption of government propaganda as absolute truth, while avoiding all issues critical of the government.

Some may recall that this reporter "starred" in another of ERT's "mythical" mistakes just a year ago when during a live connection he was heard screaming "where is the toilet" and then the audience heard the toilet flushing.

Of course, if the presenter worked for privately owned media, and not the state fiefdom ERT, he would have been immediately fired.