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Kotzias: I sent diplomats to jail for issuing visas to unaccompanied children

Shockινγ revelations were made by former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias that he sent to the prosecutor cases of Greek diplomats who allegedly were involved in an illegal visa-issuing circuit for unaccompanied children.

That's why, as he explained during an interview at the Athens Journalist's Union (ESHEA), visas to unaccompanied children means organ trafficking. Nikos Kotzias spoke about 93 such cases and diplomats who ended up in jail.

"I do not agree that we did nothing," said the former Foreign Minister. "I sent 93 cases to the prosecutor for a violation of the criminal code and some diplomats who went to prison because they were issuing visas for unaccompanied children?

Do you know what visas to unaccompanied children means? It means organ trafficking. And only that I saved some souls, Iwill sleep quietly when my life is over," the former Foreign Minister said.

On the other issue with the diplomat who trafficked drugs abroad who was later found to be an associate of a former top minister, did Mr Kotzias do anything? We are raising the issue for information purposes, because we find it impossible that the Foreign Ministry could not be involved, in such a flagrant case. And the use of drugs destroys children, so this case obviously can only trigger the sensitivities of the former Foreign Minister.