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New York Times praises Yorgos Lanthimos

In a feature article titled “Yorgos Lanthimos’s Polarizing Visions”, the New York Times sings the praises of the Greek director who shot to stardom and has become one of the most fascinating filmmakers in the world with his unique approach to contemporary issues.

Alexandra Kleeman recognises his talent and the world acclaim he has rightfully received.

From The New York Times:

This June, the Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos traveled to Ingmar Bergman’s former residence on Faro, a remote Swedish island dotted with dairy farms and ancient limestone pillars and a dwindling population of 500 full-time residents who speak a dialect of their own. He had been invited to give a talk during Bergman Week, an annual festival at which fans attend lectures and screenings and go on “Bergman Safaris,” driving on one-lane roads to the pebbly coasts and placid cabins where many of the Swedish director’s films were made. Lanthimos explored the Bergman residence with its clean lines and windows opening directly onto the Baltic Sea, examining notes in the director’s own handwriting scrawled directly upon the furniture (“I’m successful at my career, and I’m still sleepless”). He saw an original print of “Persona” in the 15-seat private theater, where Bergman’s ample leather recliner is always left empty in the front of the room, and even viewed a segment from one of his own works (“Dogtooth,” his second film), something he hardly ever does. While editing, he watches each film over and over, so by the time it’s ready to be shown, he “can’t wait until it’s the last time, for at least 10, 15 years.” His reaction was similar to the one he’d once had while rewatching “Kinetta,” his first movie: “Strange, strange, but not so bad, really.”