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American officer responsible for the sinking of the Norwegian frigate?

An American officer was on the bridge of Norwegian frigate KMN Helge Ingstad which sunk after a collission with an oil tanker. Formally the Norwegians say he was not responsible for the accident. But is that the case?

The US officer was on the frigate as part of the educational exchange program between NATO allies. The frigate had participated in the Trident Juncture NATO exercise and returned to its base where it collided with the Sola ST oil tanker.

When the collision took place, seven people were on the bridge of the warship, among them, the American officer. According to Norwegian media, the American did not officially have the responsibility of governing the vessel but had a "vital role on the bridge", as they typically state.

The frigate received several warnings from the oil tanker that it was on a collision course with it, but it did not do the slightest. It is worth mentioning that the communication was in Norwegian.

Norwegian security officials who were questioned relatively refused to respond as an official investigation into the incident took place. The seven who were on the bridge were already questioned, but police refused to say anything about the role of the American officer.

At this time, the Norwegians are trying to lift the sunken boat after they responded to the fuel leakage and removed the ammunition with the ultimate purpose of transferring it to the base of the Haakonsvern in Bergen.

The frigate had a value of $ 420 million, a sum equal to the annual budget of the Norwegian Navy, with that implied.