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Greek, Dutch and Polish hooligans clash in downtown Athens

Serious incidents broke out between AEK fans and a group of fans of PAO, Ajax spporters, and Polish hooligans near Alexandras Avenue on Monday night.

In particular, a group of 150 people, consisting of Panathinaikos and Ajax fans, who have come to Athens for the game of their team with AEK and Polish hooligans of Visla Krakow attended the training of the Dutch team at OAKA.

Upon returning from the stadium, they went to the metro station in Victoria and then started climbing up Alexandras Avenue. On foot they travelled up to Alexandras Avenue, close to an AEK fan club thjat was in the area, where about 100 fans of AEK waited for them, resulting in a struggle. The hooligans even walked in the streets with clubs in their hands, Molotov cocktails, knives and broken bottles, while their faces were covered.

Attacks or arrests were not made with the fans of Panathinaikos, the Dutch and the Poles escaping to Pedion tou Areos park and the fans of AEK towards Exarchia.