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Albania claims readiness for war with Greece

An Albanian newspaper warns the Greek Army about the Albanian Army's readiness to fight and ward off a possible attack that exists only in the imagination of some Albanians.

More specifically, according to the Albanian publication "At a time when part of the Greek Army does not recognize the border with Albania, the Albanian Army once again confirms that it is ready to respond to war or any possible attack"

And it continues: "In recent days, 700 soldiers of all branches and administrations of the Armed Forces participated in the "Kastrioti - 2018" exercise. In this exercise, the possibilities of communication and coordination from a distance in the case of military operations were tested. "

"The exercise of the General Staff and its subordinate structures serves to design common military operations as well as to harmonize standard procedures in line with those in force in NATO," said Colonel Petrit Chuny, head of the force.

The lessons learned from previous exercises were implemented in training scenarios and objectives. The head of staff made frequent contacts with the leaders of the forces that participated in this exercise through direct links.

In the meantime, the Operational Center reacted in real time to all the events that took place. The exercise took place at the premises of the Information and Communication Systems Agency, lasted two days and examined the readiness of the forces as well as the components and systems of communication.

In addition, the Albanian army has planned other drills with other military forces on the basis of NATO standards and under the auspices of US representatives.