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Mr Rama's bipolar views of Greek - Albanian relations

Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama characterized the neighbor relationship between his country and Greece as  "Historical and Traditional", speaking on the sidelines of the "News Agencies and Fake News" conference, organized in Tirana by the Albanian news agency ATA .

"It is a historical and traditional neighborly relationship and as always happens with neighbors, not everythingis perfect. We know this from our neighborhood, with every neighbor, whether it is in the village or in the city, or between countries, it is always the same," Mr Rama noted.

"You can fully understand this if you watch a soccer match between neighbors, it's like ... war," he said, laughing. He stressed, however, that "we are very much willing to improve this relationship on a daily basis and we do that".

Mr. Rama pointed out, "I think there are sometimes things that are unfortunate, they happen and we have to deal with them," but, as he said, "now it is good (the relationship), and most importantly, there is no hostility among the peoples. Greeks love Albania, Albanians Greece. The rest is just a political issue," Mr Rama said.

Asked if a meeting between himself and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is planned, Mr. Rama replied: "We expect to meet soon. I do not know where, in Tirana or Athens, but we are expecting to meet soon.

We are in a process of a very intensive dialogue and debates on many issues that cover several years and others that have never been put forward with full wilingness, courage and determination for resolution. I think we are very close to solving all this and that would be great," added Mr. Rama.