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Zaev insists on Macedonian ethinicity and language

Zoran Zaev's statements on the "Macedonian minority" in Greece and the teaching of "Macedonian language" caused a stir and the reaction of Athens. Although the FYROM side has recanted (or at least tried), Zoran Zaev continues to maintain these ideas.

This time he did it by uploading a video to his Facebook page. A video where Zoran Zaev says "we are" Macedonians "and we speak" Macedonian language. No one will ever question us again."

At the event where he spoke, the Skopje prime minister said more about the Prespa Agreement. He said that the "Republic of Northern Macedonia" is only a geographical definition and that "as ever," Macedonian "identity and" Macedonian language "are protected.

Zoran Zaev was also asked to answer questions from citizens at the event. When they questioned him, the Macedonian Prime Minister tried to reassure them by saying that they should not worry because "in the Agreement with Greece there is recognition of the" Macedonian language," "of our self-determination."

He noted that the amendments would not fit into the FYROM Constitution if Greece did not ratify the Prespa Agreement and FYROM's accession to NATO.

These new statements by Zoran Zaev come just 24 hours after the FYROM prime minister said in his country's parliament when he spoke of a "Macedonian minority" in Greece and teaching the "Macedonian language" in Greece. These statements prompted the reaction of Athens and the intervention of UN special mediator Matthew Nimetz and the "folding" of Skopje.