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Pro-FYROM Rainbow party calls for Greece to introduce “Macedonian” language in public schools

The “Rainbow” party in Greece, which propagates the positions of FYROM, passed a resolution calling on the Greek government to teach the Slavic based language in Greek schools.

The party, which is headquartered in the region of Florina, will be competing in the upcoming European elections next May.

The timing of the request is not surprising and appears to be part of a coordinated effort to raise the matter both in Greece and Skopje. Slav-speaking circles pushing the FYROM agenda in our country are in line with the leadership of Skopje in their attempt to exploit to the fullest the Prespes Agreement before it reaches the Greek Parliament for ratification.

The resolution was adopted unanimously calling on Greece to recognise, among other things, the “ethnic Macedonian minority” and to proceed with the introduction of the “Macedonian language” in public education!