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Theodorakis: Future of Greece to decide Potami's stance on Prespes deal

Potami's stance when the Prespes Agreement comes to Parliament will be decided "only by how we see the future of the country," Potami party leader Stavros Theodorakis said on Sunday, speaking at the 2nd Developmental Conference in Thessaloniki. His party's primary proposal for Greece's future, he emphasised, was 'Greece Differently' and the "abolition of the party-controlled state".

"For 'Greece Differently' to happen we must first think differently. We must not repeat the mistakes of decades on foreign policy issues. We must think, not along party lines or bound by ideology but chiefly patriotically. Our stance, therefore in Paliament, for those that are wondering, will be decided not by personal interests, not by party interests but only by how we view the future of the country," Theodorakis said.

He also clarified that this meant thinking long-term, about the future of Greece's children, "and not sweeping the problems under the rug".
Thedorakis dismissed suggestions that he had struck a bargain with main opposition New Democracy in order to change the party's more supportive position of the Prespes Agreement in exchange for a safe seat on the state deputies ticket.

"Potami is not one of the old parties and [I] am not one of the old leaders. We do not bargain or negotiate our principles and always act with the patriotic good and not the party's good in mind," he said.

Abolishing party patronage in the state would be the "supreme developmental act" for all of Greece, he added, noting that this was the "root of all evil" in Greece.