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Rama grabs properties of ethnic Greek minority in Himara

A despicable decision signed by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama opens the way for the seizure of property in Himara. The decision refers to the registration and passage of so called "public" real estate property under the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism.

The problem of not having property titles in the Himaras area enables the Albanian Prime Minister to designate all properties as public.

The decision of 21 November 2018 translated:


Pursuant to Article 100 of the Constitution, Articles 13 and 15 of Law 8743 of 22.2.2001 on "State Property", as amended, and Articles 34 and 41 of Law.93 / 2015 "For Tourism" , as amended by the Minister of Tourism and Environment, the Council of Ministers

The registration and transfer to the Ministry responsible for tourism of the state property, in the cadastral areas belonging to the coastal line Avlona - Ag. Saranta, according to the appendix attached to this decision which is an integral part of it, for the purpose of their use for sustainable tourism development.

It is forbidden for the ministry responsible for tourism to change the use of real estate in accordance with paragraph 1 of this decision to change ownership or to make use of it to third parties other than investment projects in priority areas for tourism development.

The registration of immovable property, in accordance with point 1 of this Decision, shall be carried out in the name of the Republic of Albania under the administrative responsibility of the Ministry responsible for tourism. The High Authority of the Republic of Albania is charged to register the property and make the necessary corrections to the separate description on property real estate tables.

The Ministry responsible for tourism and the High Authority for Property Registration of the Republic of Albania are responsible for the monitoring and implementation of this Decision. This Decision shall enter into force after its publication in the Albanian Government Gazette.

Following the legislation on the free allocation of land to "strategic investors", Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama signed the 21/11 decision, 708 of the Council of Ministers, which stipulates that 46 lots on the southern coast of the country are transferred to the Ministry of Tourism for the purpose of their tourist exploitation.

While the law refers to state property, the attached maps make it clear that there is a violation of private property. In a total 46 λοτs of a total area of ​​1614 hectares, the 41 units of 1377 hectares are located in the municipality of Himara and only 5 pieces of an area of ​​237 hectares are located in Avlona and the seas.

The land occupied by the Ministry of Tourism for the purpose of granting it for just one euro belong to the Greek Orthodox Christians of the municipality of Himara.

Specifically, according to the law the property of the Ministry of Tourism can dispose of:
92.46 hectares in Drymas (and Gileattes)
78.87 hectares in Vounos
62.77 hectares in Himara (among others 34.66 in Livadi, 4.97 in Potami, 2, 76 in Filikouri)
60.1 hectares in Palermo
4.48 hectares in Picerni
24.48 hectares in Lucca
46.46 hectares in Agios Vasilis
993 hectares in Niwica

It is becoming clear now that in the last municipal elections there was such great mobilization to ensure that Giorgos Goros became mayor. Without him, in the leadership of the municipality, such large scale land grabbing would not be possible.