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Albanian author who was denied Greek citizenship rails against Greece and whitewashes Nazi collaborating Chams

Albanian journalist Gazmend Kapllani, who also wrote for the newspaper "TA NEA", known for his "criticism" against Greece and the Greek State, finally revealed his real face, that of a tough Albanian nationalist, who was secretly concealed under the the image of the afflicted immigrant.

In his new book, Gazmend Kapllani also speaks of the "slaughter of the Chams" by the Greeks.

In the presentation of the book in Tirana entitled "Evil with Yourself", in the presence of the author himself, as the Albanian newspaper Gazetteer Squirt and the site shqiptarja.com reported, Albanian poet Vishar Ziti also spoke who pointed out, among other things, that "the book perfectly presents the massacre at the expense of the Chams, by the Greeks, who behaved atrociously to Albanians, punishing those who left."

The Chams, we recall, were collaborators of the Nazis and left Greece not to be tried as war criminals and traitors.

After Tirana, shqiptarja.com notes, the presentation of Mr Kapllani's book will take place at universities in Shkodra, Korça and elsewhere.

Last July, Mr Kapllani had launched a vulgar assault against the Greek State and SYRIZA because he did not get Greek citizenship.

As he had written on his Facebook page, "the Greek state is characterized by indescribable hooliganism, something that is well known to Greek citizens as well. The fact that it continues to be the same vengeful, cynical and hateful [state] is something that profoundly saddens me.

"A state that is considered disorganized and parasitic, but when it comes to thinking about ways to humiliate a citizen, to violate his rights, to attack him and to crush him, it works with methodical and enviable methods," wrote Capllani and continued with unbridled arrogance:

"I will not forget that a vengeful execution of this case belongs exclusively to the present government: entirely to SYRIZA.

"I will also not forget all those who, while being promoted as defenders of the rights of immigrants and minorities, are the carriers of a primitive pettiness and a deeply Stalinist attitude: those who disagree with us and we do not control, we crush them as an example to others.

"Finally, whatever they do, I will remain present in Greece: with my books and with my physical presence.

"The handlers of my case will not be recognizable by their mothers. They will remain in the dark, sad bureaucratic shadows, clefcrats, as parasites of a system that only thinks of crushing human lives and trespassing rights.

"I will always have my many and precious friends in Greece. I will have my readers. From this point of view (and with sympathy): to crap, with their miserable citizenship ".

And because he didn't get the "miserable" Greek citizenship, Mr. Caplani wrote a book to whitewash Nazi collaborators.