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Terens Quick stricken off ANEL party

Terens Quick has placed himself outside the Independent Greeks (ANEL) party, according to the party spokesman, Theodoros Tosounidis.

Mr Tosounidis told Kontra Channel that the Deputy Foreign Minister had set himself apart through his actions in the context of the Prespa Agreement.

"He put himself out of the movement, violating principles of Independent Greeks," he said, adding that the other ANEL MPs unanimously decided to leave the government if the Prespa Agreement reached the House.
It is recalled that Terens Quick has long been absent from the meetings of ANEL, while not presenting it at the party's central committee meeting on Tuesday.

It must be noted that among other duties, Mr Quick's portofolio includes the diaspora and its relations with Greece, something which he has sidelined and gnored to the chagrin of Greeks abroad. Mr Quick has proven to be a fan of what little political power is afforded him by his master, Alexis Tsipras.