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Draconian police measures for Merkel's Athens visit

Featured Draconian police measures for Merkel's Athens visit

Draconian measures will be enforced by Greek police (EL.AS.) during the two-day visit of Angela Merkel to Athens starting today.

More than 2,000 police officers of all services will be used to implement the security measures, and the roads will be closed when Ms Merkel moves, since authorities will be scrutinizing each and every route she will follow.

The design of EL.AS. includes, among other things, helicopters and drones, "secret" police officers, rooftop snipers, checks by the Explosive Mechanism Detachment Department and trained EL.AS dogs, as well as closed streets around the center and points from which the German Chancellor will pass by.

Yesterday afternoon a meeting was held at EL.AS headquarters, where the latest details on the implementation of the measures were discussed.

It is noted that demonstrations have been announced by LAE, ANTARSYA, anti-authoritarians and Golden Dawn have been announced today.