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"Ethnic Macedonian" party in Greece already promotes discord

Featured "Ethnic Macedonian" party in Greece already promotes discord

Prior to the Greek Parliament's ratification of the Prespa Agreement, the "collaborators" of the FYROM nationalist propaganda in Greece, namely the members of the Slavic-speaking party "Ouranio Toxo" (rainbow) and more specifically the head Pavlos Voskopoulos, made a very scandalous post on his account on facebook.

In a totally ironic and provocative way that augurs what will follow after the vote of the Greek Parliament and the ratification of the Prespa Agreement and what it may mean for the country's internal security, Pavlos Voskopoulos states that "members of the ethnic Macedonian minority in northern Greece and especially in the EES-OURANIO TOXO party "are ready to help Greece in its" ideological reform on modern Greek national identity ".

As Voskopoulos notes, this assistance can also be provided to "northern Hellenes fellow citizens who want to declare Greeks and Macedonians with Greek national consciousness ... They as Greeks-Macedonians, if they wish, (abroad as simply Greeks), we as Macedonians-Macedonians as members of the ethnic Macedonian minority in northern Greece "... As we say Caretta-Caretta ... to your health."

As can be seen, if "Rainbow" can now make such provocative announcements, one can easily imagine what it is going to follow the day after the ratification of the Agreement by the Greek Parliament.

Actions such as those by Rainbow can create friction between the citizens of Macedonia even violent conflict, with unpredictable consequences in some cases, since the true Macedonians do not seem to be willing to give up their identity and receive similar insults against their dignity if one can judge by the reactions of the Macedonian people to date.

Unfortunately, this parameter does not seem to have been taken seriously by the Greek government, which could cause serious problems even in the near future.

It is almost certain that "Rainbow" will seek to create and promote a "Macedonian" minority within Macedonia by sowing discord and hatred with provocative actions such as this provocation among the people of Macedonia by exploiting the Agreement, the recognition of the "Macedonian Nation" (which is, however, Slavic according to the government of course ...).