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Athens mosque opens in April

Featured Athens mosque opens in April

The Athens Mosque is expected to be ready and in operation next April. The religious site is under constriction at the former parking lot of the Navy Car at Votanikos.

Speaking to paper “Free Press”, the Secretary-General of Religions, George Kalantzis, said the Imam will be preaching on Fridays, selected by the board of members appointed by the Ministry of Education. It will be given to Muslim communities every Monday and Wednesday. “Only those who have a legitimate license to practice religious prayers in Attica or are Muslim religious legal entities recognised according to Law 4301/2014 will have the right to apply for the mosque.”

He pointed out that the emphasis is on preaching, which can be done only in Greek or as a concession in English: “What we are interested in is preaching – prayer is done in Arabic anyway – be done in Greek or as a concession in English, ie the lingua franca of our time “.

The Islamic mosque will operate all hours and days, half an hour before and half an hour after the hour of prayer, while during Ramadan and the Sabbath of Abraham, it will operate 24 hours a day.