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Anti-terrorist squad cracks prison murder for hire gang

Featured Anti-terrorist squad cracks prison murder for hire gang

The connections of the criminal organization that planned murders and other criminal activities through the Greek prison system was highlighted by the anti-terrorist squad of Greek police.

According to the police briefing, prosecution was filed against 13 persons for a variety of criminal activities, including the recent killings in Korydallos prison related to the Zafiropoulos case.

The participants were acting along the standards of a criminal organization, the leaders of which are detained in detention facilities. Thirteen people are implicated: 5 Greeks and 8 foreigners, for a variety of criminal activities.

The prosecutions were preceded by a systematic police investigation starting from the beginning of this year, during which it was verified that these individuals, acting along criminal organization standards, are involved in criminal offenses under the direction, guidance and coordination of the organization's leaders , detained in prison facilities.