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Arvanitaki plays Carnegie Hall

The world famous New York Carnegie Hall, which has hosted the most amazing people and memorable events of the world  since its opening in 1891, is hosting Greek singer Eleftheria Arvanitaki.

Her concert will take place on February 1st at the Stern Auditorium at 8 pm. The Auditurium has a capacity of 2800 seats, and tickets and more than have already been sold

“One of today’s most talented Greek singers, Eleftheria Arvanitaki has a unique gift for both rebetiko (a genre of folk music popular with refugees from Asia Minor in the early 20th century) and contemporary Greek music. With the distinct ability to bring together disparate music styles, her voice has a clarity and emotional depth that registers with anyone who hears it.” the official Carnegie Hall site writes about her.

Arvanitaki stated that she was not only thrilled by the invitation, but also honored to be another Greek artists to perform in this famous Concert Hall. However, she expressed her bitterness over the fact that the Greek Ministry of Culture did not show any interest in supporting or promoting her performance there.