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BBC report on “oppressed Macedonian minority” triggers fierce reactions in Greece

Featured BBC report on “oppressed Macedonian minority” triggers fierce reactions in Greece

The report by the British BBC entitled “Greece’s invisible minority – The Macedonian Slavs” triggered a series of serious political reactions in Greece against Tsipas’ actions regarding the Prespes Agreement with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

The news network argues that this “minority”, up until the Prespa Agreement, was not recognized by the Greek state.

According to the report, with the ratification of the Prespes Agreement Greece acknowledged the existence of “Macedonian language and ethnicity”. Yet Greece refused the existence of the “Macedonian minority” for decades.

Greek diplomatic sources on Saturday afternoon wrongfully stressed that “the Prespa Agreement eliminates any room for raising a minority issue”.

However, the Prespes Agreement has a series of elements that undermine peace, stability and security in the Balkans as it feeds irredentism by indirectly supporting the propaganda of FYROM.

The BBC report, as the same diplomatic sources point out, contain inaccurate and distorted information about the Prespa Agreement and history. Tomorrow, as they argue, a letter will be sent to the BBC, rejecting the unacceptable claims of the reporter.

The opposition parties have launched a barrage of criticism to Tsipras’ handling of this issue of national importance saying that the negative results of the Prespes Agreement have appeared almost immediately after the its ratification.