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Attica Region to promote its unique advantages at ITB Berlin 2019

Featured Attica Region to promote its unique advantages at ITB Berlin 2019

The region of Attica is once again preparing to welcome visitors at the pavilion it will be setting up at ITB Berlin 2019, one of the foremost tourism exhibitions in the world, which is taking place on March 6-10 at the Berlin ExpoCentre City.

In an announcement on Tuesday, the region of Attica said it has scheduled a series of meetings with professionals from the tourist market and influencers from all over the world by promoting the comparative advantages of each individual destination in the Attica region.

In parallel, there will be a working meeting with FVW representatives, in the context of the FVW Workshop Athens, Attica 2019 in which the Attica Region is an active participant and where leading German tourist market professional will become acquainted with the Authentic Athens.

Athens is already among the top destinations of the Germans, who are mostly interested in the city's unique cultural wealth, museums and modern culture as well as in the events and festivals that act as peak experience and make a trip to Attica an unforgettable cultural journey. Moreover, they are also attracted by the inspired cuisine and excellent Attica wines on offer from central Athens to its suburbs, all along the Athenian Riviera and the islands of the Saronic Gulf. They also choose Attica for activties such as island-hopping, trekking, horse back riding, cycling, sailing and other outdoor sports.