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Anafiotika residents: Save us from parkour enthusiasts

Featured Anafiotika residents: Save us from parkour enthusiasts

Τhe residents of the historic, beloved and beautiful neighborhood located on the rock of the Acropolis, Anfiotika, are clamoring for the authorities to show some consideration to their plight.

In particular, 83 residents from Anafiotika through a memorandum are raising an alarm for their neighborhood, citing all the problems they face daily, which are related to the hustle of "visitors", cleanliness, congestion, delinquency , among other things.

Representatives of residents according to "Ethnos" will be attend on Thursday the Municipal Council of the district to describe the various scenes that make their life in the settlement difficult and will seek solutions.

The requests of the residents of Anafiotika:

Street sweeping, at least twice a day.

Grass cutting and tree trimming which often cause damage when strong wind blows.

Maintenance of paths and platforms.

Placing of trash cans, fire extinguishing taps, watering taps, benches, signs.

New and additional lighting, because with the first rain, constant power outages are caused, often a general blackout for days.

Intervention of the PPC, since electrification, after 2005, is carried out through overhead cables that are supported by "embracing trees and homes" or "immersed in the street unprotected".

Continuous policing to minimize "robberies, burglaries, threats and knife attacks" and treat youngsters "under the influence of drugs or alcohol that throw stones and bottles that break into the yards" and others who "interfere or do parkour in the yards and roof tiles 24 hours a day. "