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Panathinaikos lays Thanasis Giannakopoulos to rest

Featured Panathinaikos lays Thanasis Giannakopoulos to rest

Panathinaikos fans, his associates, relatives and friends, have been saying the last goodbye since morning to the former President of Panathinaikos Thanasis Giannakopoulos, as his body was put on a popular pilgrimage at 8:30′ am in the chapel of the Metropolis of Athens.

The coffin with Thanasis Giannakopoulos was covered with the banner of Panathinaikos as he had asked himself when he picked up the microphone at the OAKA a few months ago saying, “when I die, I want you to cover me with Panathinaikos’ flag”.

Just before 1 noon the coffin with the body of Thanasis Giannakopoulos was transferred to the Metropolis where the funeral takes place.