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Athens stock market bounces back after 1.2% losses

Featured Athens stock market bounces back after 1.2% losses

The Athens stock market recorded gains for the 5th session in a row, after posting losses of more than 1.2%.

The interest of foreign investors in Greek stocks seem undeterred, despite the fact that the elections were postponed to October together with promises of benefits.
The market closed above 770 points for a second time.
Foreign investors continue to believe a political change in Greece which led to a new high in the market.
An indication of a steady interest in Greek assets was the fact that investors continued to focus on the market, despite the fact that the Catholic Easter week is underway.
Investors dismissed the financial promises and benefits made by Greek PM Alexis Tsipras on TV leading to a fall in the stock market, which bounced back fast as they returned with large volumes of trading.
The General Index closed at 775.78 points, recording an increase of 0.29%.