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Citizens to SYRIZA regional candidate: You are traitors

Featured Citizens to SYRIZA regional candidate: You are traitors

SYRIZA’s regional governor candidate for the upcoming elections in central Macedonia, Christos Giannoulis was faced with the vociferous protests of the locals in the city of Giannitsa, during his visit on Wednesday.

Citizens confronted Mr. Giannoulis as he was walking along the main streets in Giannitsa calling him a traitor for backing the Prespes Agreement.
“You came to southern Macedonia?”, “Shame on you!”, “Go to Skopje, you are dangerous” were some of the accusations the locals levelled at him.
Mr. Giannoulis, accompanied by his associates, was walking with a crew from Euronews to promote his candidacy when ordinary citizens expressed their strong disapproval of his party for signing the Prespes Agreement, which conceded the name “Macedonia”, along with the national identity and language to FYROM.

Other citizens heckled him saying: “You are sellouts, are you not ashamed? Traitors “.
At one point the SYRIZA candidate attempted to offer his hand to a citizen, who refused to shake it saying: “Do not set foot here, again. It would be more preferable”.

The ruling leftist SYRIZA government is projected to suffer heavy losses in the region of Macedonia and northern Greece in general in the May local elections.